FamilyLife Pre-Counselling Marriage Questionnaire

Please complete the online Pre-Counselling Questionnaire or download to complete and email to

This inventory has been specifically designed to be used by couples in order to assess their marriage relationship either as past of a counselling experience or on their own. It is important to complete each section and question as thoughtfully and completely as you can. By answering these questions in writing, the following will be accomplished:

1. You will have a better overall perception and view of your marriage strengths. Issues and concerns will be identified and clarified. You will have a clearer picture of where you are and where you want to move
ahead in your marriage. Your marriage future can be changed.

2. If this is used in counselling, it will assist your minister or counsellor with the effectiveness of your counselling. Several hours of counselling time will be saved by the completion of this form.

3. Many have found it easier to share their thoughts and feelings in writing and then discuss them either with their spouse or in a counselling setting.

4. Issues and goals of counselling that often take weeks to address will be focused on much sooner.

Pleas allow one to two hours to complete this inventory, responding to questions according to the way you have been feeling over the past several weeks. Do not share or discuss your responses with anyone. If you and your spouse are completing this inventory outside of counselling, be sure to discuss only small portions at a time, perhaps taking one section at a time.

If this is to be used in counselling, complete and return this inventory to your minister or counsellor prior to your initial session if at all possible. If not, be sure to bring it with you. At some point in your counselling sessions, it may be helpful to discuss portions of this form with your spouse. Any portions shared will be
done while both of you are present with the counsellor and with your consent.
Thank you for your cooperation.