SMART STEPFAMILIES – A first for South Africa

Family Life

FamilyLife recently launched our first The Smart Stepfamily DVD-assisted resource in South Africa. You can read a report by Ken and Patty Borgert who presented this course here.

“Those who attended ranged from single moms to engaged and newly married couples to older couples with adult children. The content of the series provides a great depth of knowledge and wisdom for everyone
attending. One couple that has joined us for the course are volunteers with
FamilyLife who have their own ministry of mentoring couples in remarriages
at their church.

A few of the topics we explored are:
• Understanding the complexity of stepfamilies
• Discovering God’s redemptive love and forgiveness
• Pitfalls to watch for and unrealistic expectations
• Parenting/step parenting as a team.

Here are some of the comments from the attendees:
I wish I had known all this before marrying.
We are enjoying the course so much and want to share with our children all that we are
Some of our greatest conflict concerns parenting. Conflict still exists, but at least now we
understand WHY there is conflict.
It is so good to know we are not alone in the issues we face with our stepfamily.
It is amazing to think that even the family of promise (Abraham) was a dysfunctional stepfamily.

There are so many facets of stepfamily living that conventional marriage teaching and resources (books, seminars, etc.) do not address. Stepfamilies face unique challenges and issues that need addressing. As far as we know, we are the only organization in South Africa focusing on these needs at this time.

More information on the Smart Stepfamily course or related material by the author and presenter, Ron Deal, can be found at and should this be a resource or ministry that you might be interested in.” Please feel free to contact us at for information regarding the next course.

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